Introducing the first continuous wellness solution to reduce risks associated with hypertension.

Cardiowell allows you to monitor breathing and heart activity while providing you personalized health tips to help improve your health.

Wearable wireless discrete ECG accurate heart-rate monitor calculates your heart rate variability (HRV) allowing tracking of stress, health and wellness.

Cardiowell’s ‘Always-Connected’ devices make results immediately available to yourself and your care team. 

Personalized 'Mindful Nudges' notify you when you are tense and guide you to improve your breathing and heart activity. 

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Cardiowell works by improving your breathing and allowing you to better respond to stress.


Monitor Your wellness.

Open support for a variety of heart rate monitors allows sensitive analysis of the time differences between each heartbeat.  The variability in your heartbeats is a strong measure of stress and wellness.  Improvements in heart rate variability have been shown to improve blood pressure, depression, and irritable bowel syndrome.

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ECG Accurate Wellness Patch

ECG Accurate Wellness Patch

Set mindful nudges to notify you when you experience stress.

The Cardiowell App helps you manage blood pressure by making you aware of stress and helping you breathe better throughout the day.  

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