WellAdapt presents preliminary results on the Cardiowell hypertensive digital therapeutic with UCLA

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., November 4th 2018
. Cardiowell, the worlds first digital therapeutic for hypertension to help lower the risks associated with hypertension is being piloted by UCLA researches for treating stress and anxiety.  Preliminary results indicate the solution, when provided to patients by professional counselors and psychologist was considered useful and easy to use. 

Yair Lurie, CEO of Welladapt, the manufacturer of the Cardiowell App, presented findings along with researches from UCLA at the 43rd Annual Western Association of Biofeedback and Neuroscience on November 3rd, 2018.

Beth Argus, a counselor at UCLA, mentioned that “overall, patients enjoyed using the Cardiowell App and have found it useful as a way to monitor stress and reduce blood pressure.  She noted that two of her clients were able to reduce their blood pressure.  One patient described “using Cardiowell up to 10 hours a day, in my stressful job helped me improve my breathing and lower my blood pressure.”

Dr. Sideroff, a professor at UCLA, told a story about how a client “was fearful of being in public due to anxiety and fear about her PTSD getting activated and so would not go out.  However, with this device [Cardiowell] she immediately felt she had a tool she can use, and she felt supported.”  Adding, “It gave her something she can do moment by moment. My patient was able to discover connections between her emotions and her physiological responses.  When she was feeling frustrated and would get a notification, she was able to make an association between these emotional blips and the triggers which helped to disrupt the anxiety process.  This was a very helpful way of engaging a client in an ongoing process because it was easy to use and provide feedback throughout the day which provided a positive experience which resulted in increased use of the device.”

Cardiowell supports a variety of wearables that allow users to monitor their stress and blood pressure.  Cardiowell is addressing one of mobile health’s most significant wellness monitoring opportunities by trying to reduce the risks associated with hypertension and stroke by as much as 44%.  The solution shows promise for helping to alleviate mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression as well.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, three out of four people will die prematurely because of a chronic disease that could have been prevented.  Forty-six percent of people in the USA have hypertension, which kills one person every three minutes and will increase by 60% over the next nine years.  Currently, 9% (30M) are diagnosed with anxiety, and 7% (16M) diagnosed with depression.  Both of which exacerbate heart disease.

Cardiowell is the first to integrate blood pressure monitoring, medication management, and mindful breathing. Based on research, the solution is expected to naturally lower systolic blood pressure by as much as 17 points.

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