WellAdapt. Inc, a new hypertension digital therapeutic company has been selected to be included in Transformative Technology (TransTech) 200’s list of key innovators of 2017.

            TransTech 200 is an annual list of the key innovators “who are transforming the way our minds and bodies transcend stress and expand our mental and emotional capacity.” The list aims to recognize key innovators, makers, researchers, influencers, financiers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who “contribute via Transformative Technology research, creation, and/or distribution.”


            WellAdapt is being recognized for its Cardiowell solution, a mobile digital therapeutic application that enables users to manage their blood pressure, improve their health and help prevent sickness.  According to Yair Lurie, Welladapt Inc., founder, “Cardiowell utilizes wearable technologies to analyze changes between each heartbeat while allowing the users to become aware of when their blood pressure may be rising and teaches mindful exercises to counteract the effects.  Over time the user's breathing normalizes and wellness increases.  The solution supports cellular-enabled blood pressure devices allowing results to be securely shared with healthcare providers to ensure blood pressure and medications are being well controlled.”

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