Why Stress is Bad for Your Health


No one is exempted from stress but everyone has the power to manage it. April is a reminder of how dangerous stress is on our body. Stress Awareness Month, celebrated every April, is a national cooperative effort in the United States to educate people about the harmful effects of stress to people.  

Researchers have been studying the link between hypertension and stress for years. The human body produces an increase of hormones when you’re in a stressful state that it can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Such hormones can temporarily cause a spike in your blood pressure resulting in increased heart rate and narrowed blood vessel.  As of 2018, there is no conclusive proof that stress can make a person hypertensive. But these short-term stress-related blood pressure increases, added up over time, can contribute to high blood pressure in the long run.

Here are different ways to beat stress before it robs your health:

                                   Photo Courtesy of  Sarah Diniz Outeiro  via Unsplash

                                   Photo Courtesy of Sarah Diniz Outeiro via Unsplash

                                                                Photo Courtesy of J enny Hill  via Unsplash

                                                                Photo Courtesy of Jenny Hill via Unsplash

1. Develop Relaxing Breathing Techniques. Many Americans underestimate the effects of breathing. Deep and slow breathing techniques can help remove tensions all over the body that helps you relax. Especially, learn to breath at six breathes per minute to achieve the best results.

2. Get that Body Moving. Diseases hate exercise. Find the best physical activity for you, it might be jogging, brisk walking, team sports, running or dancing. But ensure to consult to your doctors before doing an intense physical activity.

3, Mindfulness and Meditation. According to Mayo Clinic, meditation activities such as Yoga can help lower systolic blood pressure by 5 millimeters of Mercury or even more. Moreover, it can strengthen your body as well as release tension.

Digital revolution apps like Cardiowell available on the Apple App store can help you develop mindfulness techniques. This app not only tracks your blood pressure, weight, and heart rate but also helps you to improve your health.

4. Your Focus is Vital. Where to put your focus is essential to beating stress. Humans have the tendency to complain or feel defeated whenever stressful situations arise. Shift your focus to possible solutions and firmly believe you’ll get through tough times.

5. Organize Your Schedule. Being in a rush is welcoming stress with open hands. Take control of your schedule by organizing tasks and activities earlier.

                                                              Photo Courtesy of  Annie Spratt  via Unsplash

                                                              Photo Courtesy of Annie Spratt via Unsplash


6. Sleep is Your Best Friend. You are not a superhero, you need not save the world before bedtime because you need it per se. Setting a definite time for sleep helps you get a comfortable rest. In case you are suffering to get a good sleep, try drinking chamomile tea, dim the lights, decrease humidity inside your room and add aromatherapy to your space.

    Never ever take stress for granted. Start doing things that best help you cope up with stress.